Bill and Peggy Stephenson - Florence, Kentucky - May 29, 2011

On May 29, Beth Stephenson-Victor noticed that neither of her parents had shown up for their church's morning service. It was something remarkable, as the couple, both 74 years old, were extremely devoted churchgoers. Worried, she asked her husband CJ Victor to stop by her parents' house to see if everything was okay. A little later her husband called back and told her to come straight to her parents' house. When Beth arrived at the house, her parents' home had already been cordoned off as a crime scene by the police. Something terrible had happened. Bill and Peggy had been brutally murdered and the crime scene was intense even for seasoned detectives.

About the Stephenson's
Bill and Peggy were much loved in the neighborhood and by those who knew them. The couple were described as wonderful, good Christian people. They were often found at Union Baptist Church, where Bill served as a deacon, and where Peggy provided the church with beautiful organ music.

Peggy was a talented musician and played many times at weddings, funerals and other occasions. In addition to the organ, she also enjoyed playing the piano. Bill was someone who was very involved in the ministry and was the one who brought life to the brewery. The couple was deeply committed to their faith and wanted to share it with anyone who was open to it. Bill and Peggy even had a trailer where they offered truck drivers the opportunity to pray together at the truck stop in Florence during the week.

Bill and Peggy lived in an apartment on Ridge Edge Court, in Florence's Oakbrook neighborhood. The couple's home was at the back of the complex, where there was only one way in and out. It was not located in a place where you would quickly expect a burglary or robbery.

Police Investigation
Bill and Peggy had both been brutally murdered by a combination of blunt force trauma and sharp force trauma. According to the police, the perpetrator(s) had remained in the house for hours after the murder and had moved and staged the couple's bodies. It was one big mess in the house and at the crime scene. According to the police, a message was left by the perpetrator(s), but what exactly it was was not revealed for strategic reasons. Police say the killings were likely a brutal surprise attack.

No signs of burglary were found in the couple's home, and there was a chance that the perpetrators had been let in by Bill and Peggy themselves. It is also possible that they were immediately attacked when they opened the door. In that case you would expect panic, but the neighbors who lived relatively nearby did not hear anything strange, according to the police.

Detectives pulled out all the stops to generate leads, even traveling to a dozen states to investigate. Because Bill knew many truck drivers through his Truckers Chapel, the perpetrator could be anywhere in the US. The hard work of the police provided a number of leads.

Aggressive truck driver
It had become clear early in the investigation that someone had been looking for Bill at the truck stop, and that he was being very aggressive. He had banged on the chapel door and asked if anyone had seen Bill. It was reason for the detectives to interview many truck drivers. It is not clear to us whether the police knew who the aggressive driver had been. In any case, several truck drivers have been ruled out, while a few were still on the radar in 2012.

Murderer in family
The investigation also focused on Charles Stephenson, a cousin of Bill and Peggy. Charles, who also went by Stevie, had been involved in a violent crime in Indiana, where he beat a woman to death with a frying pan. He was sentenced to life in prison in 2013. According to various media, his DNA did not match the DNA found, and he was ruled out as a suspect.

DNA found
In August 2012 it became clear that useful -unknown- DNA had been found at the crime scene. This DNA profile was found at several locations at the crime scene. At that time, it could not yet be compared with the database, and it may have been a mix of hereditary material from several people. Yet suspects could now be compared with the DNA trace found and ruled out, or not.

Interesting leads 
Around 2020, a number of interesting tips were received by the police. They then tracked down a truck driver who now lived in California and collected his DNA. DNA was also taken from another driver and sent to the lab. It's been 2.5 years at this point, and we're slowly assuming that the DNA of both drivers hasn't matched with the evidence.

Investigation in Indiana
In November 2022, another interesting tip came to the detectives. The information was about the Delphi murders in Indiana. Abby Williams and Libby German were murdered there in 2017. Police investigated the possibility that the same person was involved in the murders of Bill and Peggy Stephenson, and began looking for possible links.

Eyes quickly turned to a specific individual believed to be in possession of an unknown item that had the attention of police. According to detectives, this individual was followed by police and later cooperated with the investigation. We don't know what the current status of the investigation into this man is.

Information and Tips
The investigation into the murder of Bill and Peggy Stephenson is still ongoing, but we have decided to put the case on the website anyway. We hope that the attention will possibly lead to new tips. In total, the police interviewed more than 200 people and visited fourteen states to investigate. An incredible perseverance that will hopefully lead to answers for the relatives of the Stephenson family.

Do you know anything about the murders? You can now report it to us completely anonymously, so that we can hand it over to the relevant detectives, including Detective Cox. Please don't hesitate and let us know now.