The cold case murder of Brian Foguth - Brimfield, Ohio - November 28, 1994

On November 28, 1994, twenty-three-year-old Brian Foguth of North Beal Drive in Brimfield was working as a clerk at the Duke and Duchess convenience store in that same town. Brian, who dreamed of becoming a writer one day and was described as a nice, respectful and average American guy, didn't actually have to work that night, but filled in at the very last minute for a colleague, helpful as he was. The store was at the intersection of State Route 43 and Interstate 76. When he started his shift, he couldn't have known it was his last night on earth.

Because at 2:02 a.m., a masked person walked into the store, and he took Brian at gunpoint with a gun. He then led the twenty-three-year-old to the back office, where they remained out of view of the video surveillance camera for about a minute. As the two returned, Brian began to put the money from the cash register in a bag as the robber can be seen crouching behind the counter in the video. What the perpetrator did not know was that while putting the money in the bag, the clerk activated the silent alarm, alerting the police.

However, things took a bad turn when a car arrived at the pumps at 2:04 am. This automatically rang a bell in the back office to warn the employee on duty that there was a customer. In this case, it set off a chain reaction. The bell presumably startled the tense robber, sparking an instant struggle between him and Brian, with the latter punching the robber in the face. The robber then shot Brian in the side of the head, killing him instantly. The robber then fled with the money.

Three minutes later, the police arrived, having responded to the silent alarm. At the same time, a customer walked out of the store after not finding anyone. Because the police did not know exactly what had happened in the store, and whether he might have been a robber, the unsuspecting customer was forced to be taken in for questioning. It soon became clear that he was in fact a witness, but unfortunately had not been aware of the violence that had taken place inside. He had seen or heard nothing and was worthless in the investigation.

Fortunately, the detectives still had the video surveillance footage, which was carefully watched. Everything was on the black and white video, except for the one minute that Brian and the robber were in the back office. Only the murderer knows what happened there. Although it was good to have the video footage, it ultimately gave little clue.

Furthermore, the police found blood on the carpet that did not come from Brian. Most likely it belonged to the killer, who may have lost blood because of the blow to his nose. The DNA trace reportedly went through the database, but did not yield a match. Yet...

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Description Killer 
Police say the murderer was a white man between the ages of eighteen and thirty. He was about 5'9'' tall and appeared to have a hump on his back. It could mean the man had a ponytail hidden under his coat, or had a physical condition in that area.

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