The cold case murder of Denise Stice - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - November 27, 2007

On November 27, 2007, a shocking discovery was made when the naked body of a dead woman was pulled from the water of Lake Overholser. She suffered a gunshot wound to the head and several other injuries to her body. It was clear that she had been the victim of a heinous crime. 

At about the same time as her body was discovered, a gold-colored 2002 Chevrolet Monte Carlo was also spotted at an apartment complex near NW 10 and Tela Drive. The car turned out to belong to the deceased woman, and the victim was identified as 48-year-old Denise Stice. Her husband had helped identify her after reporting her missing that same day.

Denise Tucker was born on December 7, 1958 and was the daughter of John Tucker, Sr. and Doris Tucker. She had four sisters and two brothers. In her adult life she married Gerald Don Stice, a father of two sons. At the time of her death, she was director of the Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization at Tinker Air Force Base. Denise was described as a very cheerful person with a very infectious laugh. According to her family and friends, she was always kind and caring to others and was also very smart and talented. At work, everyone knew Denise got things done and was admired for her helpfulness.

Police investigation 
The police immediately started a major investigation after the gruesome discovery. Police searched the residence of Denise and her husband, Don Stice. Authorities did not reveal whether they found anything there that could help with the investigation. Around the same time, a toxicology test was performed on her body which revealed that she had no medications in her system at the time of her death. Detectives interviewed Denise's family and acquaintances in hopes of clues. It turned out that the 48-year-old was last seen by a friend on the evening of November 26, 2007. According to the friend, she went straight home. Denise's husband was also heard, as is customary. He told police he last heard from Denise on November 26, when she called to say she was going Christmas shopping after she got off work. When she had not returned home the next day, he reported her missing.

A witness told police he/she saw a stocky white man, about 6 feet tall, get out of Denise's Chevrolet that morning. He was wearing a white button-down shirt, black pants and cowboy boots at the time. According to our information, the police were never able to determine who this person was. 

The investigation into the murder ultimately lacked leads, and the police did not officially identify anyone as a suspect, but also announced that they would not rule anyone out. Husband Don was, according to Oklahoma City Police Master Sgt. Gary Knight a strong person of interest.

Arrest warrants for Don Stice
Just over a year after his wife's death, police issued several arrest warrants for Don Stice. He was charged with possession of methamphetamine, marijuana and concealing stolen property. Don ultimately pleaded guilty to one count of concealing stolen property and two counts of possession of a controlled substance. Stice ultimately received years in prison for the above practices. He has always denied having anything to do with Denise's murder.

Cold case file
According to various media, the police are still working on the case. Nevertheless, we write about it on this website, in the hope of new attention and tips. After all, the case is more than 15 years old now. Do you have an idea who is behind Denise's murder, or do you know who did it? Every little detail can be important and shed new light on the case. Don't hesitate and leave your tip (possibly anonymously) in the form below. We handle your information discreetly and ensure that it ends up in the right place with the associated cold case team.