The cold case murder of Edgar “Pooh” Dawson - Marshall, Texas - February 21, 1997

On February 21, 1997 police respond to a shooting in Marshall Texas. On the scene they quickly discover a dead person sitting in the passenger seat of a car. It was 23 year old Edgar 'Pooh' Dawson. He had been shot by someone with a shotgun. A single bullet in the chest instantly killed him while he was hanging out in his own car with two other friends. 

Police talked with the two other occupants of the car in hopes they could give them a description of what the shooter looked like, but the two men said they were unable to get a good look at the gunman. They said the three of them were just chilling inside the car, listening to some music and having a good time, and that someone suddenly opened fire with a shotgun while aiming in their direction. 

About Edgar Dwight Dawson
Edgar 'Pooh' didn't live past the age of 23. He was known in the area as a very fond of cars and, as far as we know, lived a peaceful life until his violent death. He is buried in Saint James Cemetery in Nesbitt, Harrison County, Texas.

Police investigation

Detectives soon canvassed the neighborhood. They systematically interviewed dozens of residents, merchants and others in the vicinity of the shooting in hopes to receive information about the killer. One neighbor recalled seeing a white car at the time of the shooting, and detectives actively searched for the vehicle. The authorities managed to locate the car and questioned the owner. Although much about this interrogation remained unclear, it is clear that they could not tie the person with certainty to the murder.

The investigators could only guess at the motive of the murder. Was it a targeted attack on 'Pooh'? Was it a drive-by shooting? Did it have to do with drugs or gang violence, or was it just a random shooting incident? The detectives simply just didn't know.

New Police Statement
Years passed without news, until the police made themselves heard again in 2015. In a statement, they said federal investigators (FBI) and police in Marshall are still working hard to unmask Edgar Dawson's killer. In the press release, people were asked to come forward with their information. The call was emphasized by a poster repeating the call.

Information and tips
Edgar's relatives are still hoping for answers after all these years of pain and grief. The police are sure that there are people around who know more about the murder. Even a small detail, or a simple rumor, can shed new light on the matter. Have you ever heard or seen something, or do you even have concrete information, don't hesitate and get in touch now (anonymously) using the form below.

This goes without the interference of the police, and entirely through our editors. If you would like to remain anonymous, do not enter your name and e-mail address. We ensure that your information ends up in the right place with the appropriate cold case team. 

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