The cold case murders of Gail Jordan and Dawn Lamont - Magnolia, Texas - July 13, 1991

On Saturday 14th 1991, an elderly man got the shock of his life when he found the dead bodies of two teenage girls by the side of the road. The exact road was Farm-to-Market Road 1774. Soon the fathers of the two young women appeared on the scene. They had started looking when it became clear that their daughters had not come home from the movies the night before.

The Texas Highway Patrol worked the case. Examination showed that the two had been dead for several hours when they were found. Sometime between midnight and 2am, both girls were most likely hit by someones car, after which the driver drove on without stopping. A so-called hit and run.

The night before their bodies were found, two best friends Dawn (17) and Gail (18) were planning to see a movie in Tomball, seven miles away. Gail had driven to Dawn's house that evening, and together they headed south on Road 1774 in the 18-year-old's pickup truck to pick up another friend. About seven miles from Magnolia, the truck started having problems on 1774 Farm-to-Market Road. The two girls then got out of the car and walked along the roadside to get help. Sometime between midnight and 2am, they were hit by a car traveling north.

When the families back home around 5:30am realized that both girls hadn't come home from the movie, their fathers went looking for them. Meanwhile, the mothers called everyone they knew to ask if they knew where the teens were. The pick-up truck was found abandoned at one point, but there was no trace of the girls at that time. The uncertainty came to an end when the girls' fathers found out that their daughters had both died after a hit and run.

Police Investigation
The authorities had few leads in this case. All they had as evidence was a piece of broken headlight found at the scene. After some investigation, police said the vehicle that hit Gail and Dawn was likely a 1983 or 1984 Chevrolet pickup, Suburban, or Blazer. It could also have been a van of the same brand.

Investigators from the Grimes County Sherif's Office questioned countless people in hopes of new leads. They investigated tips and speculation, but nothing led to more clarity so far in this tragic case.

Meanwhile, both families have been searching for answers for years. For example, Jordan, Gail's mother, told an interview with a news website that she posts flyers about her daughter every year, in hopes that someone will come up with new information. She thinks the driver must have been someone who used drugs, or at least had no feeling whatsoever. 

Tips and Information
The collision that killed both girls has been more than thirty years ago. Yet the families still hope that someone is walking around who knows more. Is that you? Do you know who hit these two innocent teens and drove off without stopping? Then please let us know. Don't hesitate and get in touch now (anonymously) using the form below. 

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