The cold case murder of Jacquelyn 'Jackie' Tendall - Orland Park, Illinois - December 10, 1988

On December 10, 1988, Jacquelyn Tendall of Seneca, Illinois, decided to drive to the Chicago suburbs with her granddaughter to do some Christmas shopping at the Orland Square Shopping Center, Orland Park. Once shopping there, 'Jacky' suddenly realized that she had locked her car keys in her car. Afraid of not being able to open the car, she asked a mall security guard to walk with her to help her get into the car. Together with him and her granddaughter, she walked side by side towards the parking lot.

As the three approached the Carson Pirie Scott store at 3:14 p.m., Jacquelyn was furthest from the curb when a car hit her from behind at high speed. The 55-year-old woman was thrown into the air and hit the roof of the car before landing on the sidewalk. Instead of stopping, the driver drove off toward Orland Park Drive, where he then turned back in the opposite direction.

Jacquelyn was seriously injured and was taken to Palos Community Hospital where she was put on a ventilator. She died of her injuries three days later. According to police, the car that ultimately killed Jacqueline may have been a full-size light blue two-door luxury car. Laboratory tests determined that it was probably a Buick Electra or Park Avenue, from 1985, 86 or 87. 

No extensive research and a belated tip
According to Jacquelyn's family, police did not conduct an extensive investigation into the hit and run. According to them, body shops and insurance companies in the area have not been checked.

When the case came to the attention of Unsolved Mysteries in 1993, Jacky's relatives received an anonymous tip. They had them investigated by a private detective. However, it is not known what became of the tip. In any case, it did not lead to the solution of the hit and run.

Information and Tips
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