The cold case murder of Joseph Bellamy - Jacksonville, Florida - January 6, 2001

Joseph Allen Bellamy, was born on November 28, 1981 in Jacksonville, Florida and grew up in a family that included two more brothers. He attended Putnam County Schools and graduated from the Westside Skills Center. Joseph worked as a drywall installer, and worshiped at the Oceanway Assembly of God.

Joseph was shot several times on January 6, 2001 in his apartment on California Avenue near 103rd Street at the age of 19 by an unknown perpetrator. The teen was taken to hospital where he succumbed to his injuries shortly afterwards. His body contained several bullets, including in his neck.

After the murder, the police spoke to eyewitnesses, who saw two men run away from the house. Joseph's roommates were present in the house but unfortunately had not seen or heard anything that could help the investigation. The witness statements also did not lead to any arrests in the case.

His mother, Susan Parrish, never came to terms with her son's murder and attempted to take her own life twice. At the moment she lives for her family, which includes another son, and her faith. She still lives daily with intense grief because of the loss of Joseph. In an emotional interview with the media two decades after the murder, she remembered her son as someone with a good heart.

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Mother Susan Parrish learned to forgive over the years, but still struggles with many questions about the crime every day. Why did he have to die? We at wanted to give specific attention to this case, because very little has been written about it. We think there are people who know more about the murder. Is that you? Then have mercy on Joseph's mother and come forward with your information. It's time to solve the case.

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