The cold case DISAPPEARANCE of Leonard Brown Sr - Fort Totten, North Dakota - August 6, 1994

Leonard Brown, a Native American who was born on July 24, 1952, disappeared without a trace at age 42 after attending a family funeral in Fort Totten, Benson County, North Dakota on August 6, 1994. Brown was reported to have left at the funeral but never returned to his home on St. Paul, Minnesota. He was never seen or heard from again.

According to police, Leonard had no transportation at his disposal, and it was suspected that he took off on foot. The 42-year-old was known to walk with a limp.

The case is relatively unknown, and there is very little information about the disappearance in open sources. His hometown of Saint Paul was 420 miles from the small town of Fort Totten.

Had he hitchhiked to get home, only to have the misfortune of being picked up by a killer? Or did something happen to him in Fort Totten, which is located on the edge of Devil's Lake, and is surrounded by small towns such as Minnewaukan, Oberon, Sheyenne and Warwick..

There are four possibilities for what happened.
• He had an accident and died. But where is his body? And why didn't anyone report the accident? A second possibility in this scenario is that he fell down somewhere because of his limp. In that case, his skeleton is still in the same unknown place, to be discovered someday.....
• He started a new life without anyone knowing.

• He committed suicide. (but then where is his body? It's hard to hide your own remains).

• He was the victim of a crime.

Description of Leonard Brown Sr.
Date of Birth: July 24, 1952 --- Age at time of disappearance: 42 years old --- Race: Indigenous/Native American --- Height: 5' 11" (71 inches) --- Weight at the time: 200 lbs - Hair Color: Black or now gray --- Eye Color: Brown --- Distinguishing Marks/Features: Walks with a limp.

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