The cold case murder of Paula Phillips - Delhi Township, Ohio - February 15, 2002

On January 8, 2003, two hikers on Hillside Avenue made a shocking discovery when they found human skeletal remains some five hundred feet from the Ohio River. Dental records determined that the remains belonged to 23-year-old Paula Phillips of Delhi Township, Ohio.
Paula had been missing since February 15, 2002.

Police spoke to her close family and friends in hopes of finding clues about her death. Those conversations revealed that Paula had gotten into a fight with her boyfriend the day before her disappearance, on Valentine's Day. Because of this argument, she left the house that night. The next day she visited her sister Beth and visited a friend where a party was going on. She left there between 11:30 PM and midnight. It was the last time anyone saw her alive.

Murder, according to police
Police and her family suspected the young mother of two had been murdered and have been searching for evidence of the crime ever since. The fact that her body was only found 11 months after she went missing probably complicated the investigation. Most likely there was only little or no evidence present at the site. As far as is known, only bones were found in 2003, without any other clues. Remarkable is the fact that in 2005 bones were found again in more or less the same place. These remains also turned out to belong to Paula. The family rightly wondered how it was possible that the police did not immediately find all the bones in 2003.

Tips and information
Paula was the daughter of Arthur and Carol and came from a large family with no fewer than 11 siblings. She became a mother of two children, Alex and Stephanie, at a young age. They indicated that it was very difficult to grow up without their mother.

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