The cold case murder of Paula Sue Ivey George - Wakita, Grant County, OklahomA - April 30, 2013

Fatal shooting
On the evening of April 30, 2013, something terrible happened in a rural home located at the intersection of Kiowa Road and Highway 132 between Manchester and Wakita. The resident, 43-year-old Paula Sue Ivey George, was lying on a bed in her bedroom when an unknown person stepped onto the porch and fired shots at her through her bedroom window. The mother of three did not survive the attack and died in her bed from her gunshot wounds.

About Paula Sue
Paula Sue Ivey George was born on October 8, 1968 in Dimmitt, Texas. She was the daughter of Paul and Carmen Sue Kiser Ivey, and grew up with a brother and sister in the Texas/Oklahoma Panhandle area. There she graduated from Dimmitt High School, after which she went to college at WTSU, OPSU and NWOSU.

Paula's life was all about her family, her three loving sons and the many animals she helped. She was especially fond of horses. She devoted herself to children through 4-H and FFA, and remained associated with the organization throughout her life. At Wakita Schools, she was also active in school activities and even served as a school board member for a while. Actually, Paula was up for just about anything, if it helped children or animals. She was also a faithful member of the Wakita United Methodist Church.

Paula previously worked as a plant manager for Pellets Plus in Wakita. Creative as she was, she started a small company making lotions and soaps called JPEG Goat Suds. In the period leading up to her death, Paula worked as an electrician for Sunderland Electric in Byron. OK. She lived alone with her sons in a rural house on a road that local people called Wakida Road. It lay along the interstate between Manchester and Wakita Oklahoma.

Click the photo to enlarge - Recent satellite image of where Paura Sue lived and was killed.

Police Investigation
The police suspected from the start that there are people who must have seen something. Because although the house was in a fairly remote area, there was a lot of traffic because of the oil fields, and the local residents.They tried all sorts of ways to get witnesses to talk, but as implausible as it was, it seemed that no one had seen the crime happen. 

Unfortunately, the police had few leads in this case. It seems that the perpetrator left few traces. Because no witnesses came forward either, the police reportedly never had any insight into a suspect. No public suspect has ever been identified in the case. The police had the facade that the perpetrator acted with premeditation, and that he knew Paula. After all, he seemed to know exactly in which direction to shoot to hit her in bed.

The single mom, who was literally there for every living creature in her life, fell victim to murder. She is buried in the Castro Memorial Gardens. Her relatives live every day with a lot of pain and sorrow, and hope that the killer will still be caught after all these years.

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