The cold case murder of Richard Aderson - Fishkill, New York - February 5, 1997

This cold case murder file is about Richard Aderson. The 47-year old mustached man worked as an assistant superintendent of the Valley Central School District. He and his wife lived in LaGrange Dutchess County, New York and had three children. 

On February 5 1997, Richard was driving home east on I-84 in Fishkill New York during in rush hour traffic. He drove a 1995 gray, four-door Volvo sedan, when he got involved in a fender bender, just four miles east of the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge toll plaza. Both car drivers pulled over near Exit 12 and stepped out of their vehicles. The man that bumped in to Richard started yelling at him, and the two of them argued in a heated conversation. Richard reportedly than asked the man to show his drivers license or ID. But in stead of that, the man pulled out a gun and shot Richard in the chest. He then drove away, leaving Richard behind wounded but still alive. 

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Despite being severely injured, Richard was able to get back in to his car and dialed 911. He than described what happened to him. Richard spoke about the accident, the shot in his chest and the perpetrator. He was able to give the police a description of what the guy looked like, and what kind of car he drove.

According to Richard, the shooter was a white male in his late 40s to 50 years old, with a medium complexion. He was about 6 feet tall and was thin build, had a receding hair line and wore aviator-type eyeglasses. Richard also said the man had a thin nose and a beard, and that he was dressed in messy clothes. The shooter drove off in a late model Jeep Cherokee (1995-1997) that most likely had a greenish color and a New Hampshire license plate. 

Richard Aderson was taken to St. Luke’s Hospital in Newburgh, but sadly passed away in the ambulance just an hour after the shot was fired.

Click to enlarge. composition of killer - Jeep Cherokee 

Police Investigation
The police immediately set up a road block in an attempt to find the killer and locate witnesses. It helped them find several people that reportedly saw the heated argument between the two men. But disappointingly not a single person saw the side bump or the shooting. 

Investigators didn't gave up and went on to check hundreds of license plates and similar vehicles, but never found the killer's Jeep.

Popular tv series Unsolved Mysteries and America’s Most Wanted tried to help the case by making broadcasts about it. But unfortunately couldn't force a breakthrough.

Information and tips
New York State Police continues to investigate the 25+ year old homicide and reportedly has already received over 3000 leads since.
Family and friends of Richard Aderson deserve answers. Who murdered their beloved husband, father and friend?

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