The cold case murder of Richard 'Ricky' Wayne Charlton - Rockingham, Virginia, Oktober 20, 2014

On October 20, 2014, a shocking discovery was made at a home in the Ferguson Mobile Home Park in Keezletown, just off Layman Trestle Road. The body of a dead man was found there, and it was clear that he had died as a result of a crime. It turned out to be 50-year-old Richard Wayne Rick Charlton. A manager at Cash Septic Service in Harrisonburg, for which he drove Cash's Big Pooper Scooper.

Ricky, as he was known by acquaintances, attended Sunrise Church of the Brethren, loved Lynyrd Skynyrd rock music and was a great cat lover of which he had many. He lived among a tight-knit community with about 30 trailers. The neighborhood was known to look out for each other and spoke to each other if something was wrong. The community was shocked by Ricky's sudden murder. His life had come to a brutal end.

Police suspected that the crime took place between late Sunday evening and early Monday morning. Local residents were asked to report if they knew anything about the case or had noticed anything. According to the police, there must be people walking around with a secret. In the hope of more leads, a $10,000 reward was offered for the tip that would lead to the solution of the murder. Very little was made public about the police investigation. 

Ricky's mother also asked people in an emotional letter for their help in finding the perpetrator. She wrote:
,,I am begging anyone with information on my son’s murder to come forward. In addition to being loved by myself and his family, the people of this community loved Ricky and appreciated his hard work and kindness. I am lost without him. Please help me bring justice to Ricky''

The police said in a response that they would never stop looking for the killer and would follow up on all clues and tips.

Information and Tips
However, after all these years, the investigation has not yet led to the finding of the perpetrator, and it is unknown whether there has even been a suspect in mind in all that time. The detectives think there must be people who know more about the case. Are you one of them? Then let us know now.

You can submit your information (completely anonymously) via the form below. We ensure that your shared tip ends up in the right place at the Sheriff's Office. If you wish to remain anonymous, simply type your message and do not leave any contact details. Don't hesitate and get in touch now, so Ricky's murder can finally be solved.

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