The cold case Death of Travis James '.T.J.' Ainsworth - Canton, Texas - June 2, 2008

In the early morning of June 2, 2008, a disturbing call came in to 911. A motorcyclist found a seriously injured boy lying in the middle of Highway 243. It turned out to be 16-year-old Travis James Ainsworth. While the motorcyclist tried to reassure the approachable boy, they waited for the police. The injured T.J. meanwhile said to the man "Why did they do this to me?" and "Don't let them hurt me anymore." 

When paramedics arrived and began working on him, the 16-year-old suffered a cardiac arrest. Not much later he died in the ambulance.

About Travis James Ainsworth
T.J. was someone a joy to be around, according to his mother. He was an intelligent boy who had graduated from high school with a 4.0 GPA a year and a half earlier. According to his mom, the teenager was a beautiful, sensitive kid who was always ready to help anyone.

Travis James had been to Lake Homer with friends on the night of his death. After his buddies dropped him off at the Walmart around midnight, T.J. walked home because he didn't have a ride. 

Police Investigation
The police tried to determine what had happened that terrible night through an investigation. According to Travis James' family, they didn't know if someone hit him, if he was pushed out of a car, or if he fell out of a car. The investigation into the boy's death did not lead to many clues. All the police suspected was that an 18-wheeler could have been involved. Perhaps the driver had not even realized that he had hit someone. Although after the death of T.J. a number of rumors circulated about potential suspects, none were officially ever seen as one.

Tips and information
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